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About Me


A lifelong athlete and 10-year veteran of the fitness field, Chris Doherty is the CEO/Founder of Chris Doherty Fitness, Inc., based in New York City. Chris’ coaching philosophy centers around the notion that every person is born with an inner athlete capable of being unleashed, restored, rebuilt, and enhanced over time. With movement+nutrition+hydration+sleep as his algorithm for physical wellness, his sole focus is on empowering a client’s unique attributes to achieve optimal wellness.

Chris first discovered his inner athlete as a varsity high school distance runner. The grueling training schedule and repetitive running motion validated the need for a varied program with an emphasis on movement mechanics and balanced strength. After managing the Fairfield University men’s basketball team in college, Chris began his professional fitness career in Boston, MA. Since then, he has coached hundreds of diverse clients all seeking better health and performance.

A watershed moment in Chris’ fitness career occurred in 2010 when he worked for six months under Mike Boyle, former head strength and conditioning coach for the Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, and Boston University Hockey. Says Chris on the experience.

“I had always been an athlete, and then through avid study and experience, I became a capable club trainer. It wasn’t until my work with Mike and his staff, however, where I became a coach who could transform lives. Trainers are for horses. Being a coach means being a critical thinker who can deeply understand a client’s needs and goals, and empower that individual to achieve things they never imagined possible. I honed the ability to empower others at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.

Chris then spent two years working with the NBA’s strength and conditioning coaches where he directly studied NBA players Tim Duncan, Ray Allen, Jeff Green, Ricky Rubio, and Jimmer Fredette among others. Working under former San Antonio Spurs’ strength coach (4-time NBA Champion), Mike Brungardt, and current Miami Heat strength coach (3-time NBA Champion), Bill Foran, the experience provided a behind the scenes foray into the world of elite fitness with some of the world’s most talented athletes. It also led to the 2013 founding of Chris Doherty Fitness in New York City.

During the rare moments he isn’t empowering others, Chris enjoys pursuing his own fitness efforts. Despite a more traditional strength and conditioning background, he is known to attend the occasional Barry’s Bootcamp class to keep things fresh and challenging with other inspired fitness people. Outside of the gym, Chris enjoys traveling to Las Vegas, rock music, NYC dining, and is an avid golfer.

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