What is the private coaching cancellation policy?

Chris Doherty Fitness maintains a 24-hour cancelation policy for all private coaching sessions. A client who has booked a session may cancel or change the time of the session (pending availability) provided that a minimum of 24-hours’ notice is given. To early cancel or change a session time, please promptly email, call, or text us at the private number provided. Members will be charged for the full cost of the session for any late cancellations or no-show appointments.

Do I need to pay for private coaching before my first session?

Payment for sessions is required to be made by the member on or before the date of the first session. If a client has no sessions remaining from a prior coaching package, he or she will be notified so that a new package purchase can take place. All payment for both Online and Private Coaching is conducted at ChrisDoherty.Fit, and our billing is handled via Stripe. Your credit card info will be held on our secure server for all Online Coaching, Private Client, or add-on/Shop purchases made at ChrisDoherty.Fit.

Do you offer single private coaching sessions?

We do not.

Do private coaching sessions expire?

Yes. All sessions expire 90 days from the date of purchase. In the client consultation, we will help you determine which package is best for you based on your lifestyle, travel schedule, and work demands. The expiration of packages should rarely, if ever, occur and is meant to keep clients motivated and adherent to their fitness and nutrition programs and goals.

Do you ever offer discounts or promotions?

While we do not offer discounts on our private coaching packages, we do offer seasonal promotions that will allow clients to purchase packages at “discounted” rates. These are not grandfathered-in rates (or discounts), but time-sensitive promotions.

Do you offer referral bonuses to individuals who refer private or online clients?

We offer both. If an individual refers a private client who then signs up for an 8-pack or higher, that individual will receive a free private coaching session themselves ($160 value). If an existing private client refers a new private client who then signs up for an 8-pack or higher, that individual will receive a $300 credit toward their next private coaching package. If an individual refers an online client who then signs up for a 3-month or annual membership, that person will receive a free one-month online membership with Chris Doherty Fitness ($140 value). If an existing online client refers a new online client who then signs up for a 3-month or annual membership, that client will receive (based on their membership): a free one-month membership at Chris Doherty Fitness (if they currently purchase month to month), or a $100 rebate for each referral if they are currently on a three-month or annual membership. Anyone referring 10 clients or more per 12-month period will receive a free annual membership to Chris Doherty Fitness online coaching.

What do I do if I am having technical problems with the Trainerize app or with ChrisDoherty.Fit?

We want your Chris Doherty Fitness experience to be as seamless, perfect and purposeful as is humanly allowable. That said, the world in which we live- including the world of technology- is seldom turbulence free. Any planned upgrades to the Trainerize software that could possibly interfere with service will be announced to all clients ahead of time, and dealt with as quickly as possible. Any prolonged disturbances in service for any reason will lead to a credit back to each client’s respective account. For any matters pertaining to technical support, billing, connectivity, or programming, please contact us: